Deep relationships in the centers of Robotics & AI development

Mass Robotics

MassRobotics is the collective work of a group of Boston-area engineers, rocket scientists, and entrepreneurs.

SpinGlass works with Mass Robotics to scale the next generation of successful robotics and connected device companies by providing entrepreneurs and innovative robotics/automation startups with the workspace and resources they need to develop, prototype, test, and commercialize their products and solutions.

Carnegie Mellon Robotics Institute

Based in Pittsburgh PA, the Robotics Institute is the world’s largest robotics research and development organization.

While much of RI's work focuses on core robotics technologies like manipulation, locomotion, and control, SpinGlass and the Robotics Institute work together to advancerelated research areas, including machine learning, computer vision, and graphics.

National Robotics Engineering Center

The National Robotics Engineering Center (NREC) is a technology transfer organization that designs, develops and tests robotic systems and vehicles for industrial and government clients. NREC is at the forefront in unmanned ground vehicle design, autonomy, sensing and perception, machine learning, machine vision, and operator assistance. 

Silicon Valley Robotics

Silicon Valley Robotics is a not-for-profit coalition of robotics companies and startups, representing the robotics cluster of northern California.

SVR facilitates networking, fact finding and research between SpinGlass, potential partners, investors, and customers; to promote innovation and entrepreneurship; to recognize industry-leading companies and attract thought leaders.