SpinGlass is a fast-paced studio environment that sends interdisciplinary teams around the world to work with our partners.

We delight in working with people of diverse backgrounds, expertise, and experience.  Our designers can talk comfortably about statistics or machine learning and use these conversations to develop new methods to unwieldy problems. Our engineers tackle problems by generating mockups and prototypes to get feedback. We value information in all forms and can move easily between qualitative or quantitative data.

Are you an exceptional economist? Adept at linguistics? Are you an artist who relies upon code as your medium?


We Design and Build for Precision and Speed. 

We want self-starters who require little direct guidance, but accept it when provided and are always coachable.

Are you always striving to be better at what you do and how you work with others?

Do you think carefully about what people tell you but make your own decisions in confidence? 

Do you enjoy talking to people but know how to manage your time to get things done?

If you make a plan, how do design that plan to see when it will need changed before the change is imminent?



We are tech firm that goes beyond the technical.

We do not make technology because it is hard to do.  We enjoy challenges - but we want the biggest challenges possible. We make technology because we are motivated by bigger problems in the world. We want to change something about where we live or how life is experienced by other people. We want to observe the result of our labor. 


We work for Impact.